The Truth About Salon Pricing and Charging What You’re Worth

The Truth About Salon Pricing and Charging What You’re Worth

I know for most of you out there, the subject of salon pricing and charging what you’re worth can completely spin you into a panic. You begin to doubt yourself, you obsess over what everyone else is charging and just take a stab in the dark and hope your clients won’t leave you.

But it’s time for some tough love and hard truths behind charging what you’re worth. And you might be surprised to see that it has very little to do with the prices you and your competitors charge.


Cash Is In The Relationship You Build With Your Clients


I recently met a girl who started her mobile beauty business at the beginning of the year, and within a few weeks, she was booked out months in advance, essentially securing herself an entire year worth of income.

So, how the hell did she do it?

Rather than catering her services to anyone and everyone and trying to guess what people wanted, she went into local aged care facilities, introduced herself and started to get to know some of the staff and seniors living there.By doing this she was able to find out EXACTLY what the wanted and started offering services to them on a weekly basis.

Now, senior clients may not be your thing and that’s OK. But I wanted to show you that when you pick a specific target market and truly take the time to understand them, not only do you attract more of those types of clients but you secure them as ongoing, regular paying, raving fans.

And when you’ve done that, it really doesn’t matter how much you charge.


Pricing Is Completely Psychological


In the end, it really doesn’t matter how much rent you pay, how long it’s been since you reviewed your salon pricing and raised your rates, how experienced you are or how amazing you are at what you do.

All that matters is what your clients perceive to be expensive, what they perceive to be cheap, and how you educate your clients on the value your services have on their confidence levels, on their body image and how that has dramatic effects their lives.


Prices Subconsciously Convey Credibility


Competing on price is a recipe for disaster because no matter how hard you try someone will always be cheaper.

And when you price yourself like the $10 Salons out there, clients will immediately think you run your salon like a $10 Salon.

Remember that old saying “You get what you pay for”? Whether it’s true or not, we have all been conditioned by this saying and subconsciously think that ‘higher prices mean luxurious and high quality’ and ‘lower prices mean dodgy and low quality’.


Premium Pricing Means A Premium Brand


But, it’s a simple fact that charging a high, or premium price isn’t enough to convey the quality of your business and brand. There are many other deciding factors.

Have you ever seen this episode of Tabatha’s Salon Takeover?

Despite the fact that this Salon charged high prices and was located in a high-income town, they were running their business into the ground. Why? They simply didn’t give a damn about their clients. All they cared about was collected the paycheck at the end of the day.

And this showed in their messy uniform and untidy Salon, total lack of hygiene, worn and tattered furniture, never answering the phone and bitching about each other in front of their clients. They simply didn’t care about making their clients feel welcomed, comfortable and valued. They charged luxurious prices but didn’t offer a luxurious experience.



If you charge premium prices you have to present yourself and your business like a premium brand.


Are You Making Your Clients Life Easier?

Do you answer the phone every time it rings, or respond to every voicemail message within the hour? Could you bypass all this and allow your clients to make bookings through your website? Does your website answer common questions? Are your service and prices easily found?

I was really pissed off yesterday. I have a photo shoot next week and just wanted to see if a local hair salon offered makeup services. But they have nothing on their website.

So then I had to go through the effort of calling them, multiple times before they answered, to ask simply ask “do you offer this service? How much? And do you have appointments available?” when I could have easily answered this myself in a matter of seconds if they had everything I needed on their website.


Are You Ready To Prove To Your Clients You Take Your Business Seriously?


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